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About the Chamber

The Wamego Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization dedicated to enhancing the local economy through healthy commerce, investment, industry, education and business collaboration. It is supported through private membership dues.  We are the voice of the local private sector.

The Wamego Area Chamber of Commerce supports civic endeavors, community and culture by fostering an environment that promotes and supports business relationships and community involvement for a prosperous place to live, work and do business.

We are funded through the investment of the members through dues and sponsorship, which in turn supports the development of programs and initiatives that result in positive growth of business and industry.  In exchange for the member investment, the Chamber provides visibility, resources, and advocacy. 

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Objectives of the Chamber

We work to improve Wamego's economy and quality of life and keep these broad objectives in mind:

  • To help businesses prosper and grow

  • To coordinate with local businesses to promote job opportunities

  • To partner with local agencies to assist in the orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community

  • To contribute to the overall economic stability and quality of life of the community

Reasons to become a Member

The Wamego Area Chamber of Commerce enables business and professional people to accomplish collectively what no one could or would do individually. It gives you a voice in civic affairs and government and provides a united effort to improve the overall well-being of the community. We promote our members' services and products with referrals, advertising and personal connections, and increase your credibility. Membership has its rewards, and we are ready to make the commitment to you.

The Wamego Area of Commerce Chamber is invested in the local business community. We invite you to send a representative from your business to join us as we work together on behalf of all businesses.

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