IMPACT AWARD – Wamego Health Center

Wamego Health Center was recognized with an IMPACT AWARD for the addition of the Walk-in Clinic and the recent $11M expansion and renovation project.

The presence of a hospital in Wamego for more than 100 years has been a significant asset to our community and the surrounding area. In 1915, a hospital opened in Dr. Simonton’s newly remodeled home on West 6th Street.  While it was much needed, it was intended to be temporary and in 1919 JT Genn promised to donate $10,000 towards the construction of a new hospital provided the community could match his donation.  The community succeeded in raising more than $11,000 resulting in the Genn Hospital being built a few blocks to the west in 1921.

By the early 1960’s, plans were in the works for a larger, more modern hospital. In May 1969, the new Wamego City Hospital was dedicated and opened on the current Wamego Health Center site.  The new hospital cost an estimated $500,000 with half of it coming from the Genn-Clary Endowment Fund.  The facility had approximately 60 employees and featured twenty-six beds and four bassinets.

Over the ensuing years, renovations to the facility and expansion of the services offered to the community have occurred. However, in the past few years we have seen the next great step forward at Wamego Health Center. In November 2016 the new Walk-In Clinic was opened. The clinic had an immediate impact on our community and in 2018 served 4,550 patients.

Early 2018 saw the doors open at Heritage House on the Wamego Health Center campus. Heritage House is an outpatient home healing environment for seniors in our community experiencing depression, loss or anxiety. It is the area’s only senior behavioral health service and serves not just Wamego, but the surrounding communities in our region.

Finally, in August 2018, the ribbon was cut on Wamego Health Center’s $11 Million expansion and renovation project. The project saw over 9,000 square feet of new space added and significant renovations to more than 14,000 square feet of existing space. Every department in the facility was impacted by the project.

Upon arrival at Wamego Health Center, visitors immediately notice the improvements and expansion of the main entrance, emergency entrance and the parking lot. Once inside, expanded and improved facilities include those for Laboratory Services, Emergency Services, Surgical Services, the Wamego Family Clinic and Walk-In Clinic, as well as Heartland Rehabilitation’s physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services.

With this award, we recognize the progressive growth of Wamego Health Center and the vital role it plays in our community

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